What does Arthritis have to do with Autoimmune Disease?

What does Arthritis have to do with auto-immune disease?
According to the theory by Kaayla Daniel, Ph.D., CCN it’s the whole idea of Mycoplasma which is Mutating Bacteria – Pleomorphic bacteria.


Pleomorphic bacteria is the kind of bacteria that shifts into viruses that are stealth operators that camouflage themselves so people don’t notice them and hide in connective tissue.

Yes, they shift shape, form and size as they pass through various stages of development.

Pleomorphic bacteria are stealth operators that elude attackers and hide in the connective tissue.

The body destroys its own collagen and cartilage-rich tissue trying to get them.

Auto immune disease is not the body going wacko for no particular reason, it’s the body is trying to eradicate the stealth bacteria but it does not have ability to do so effectively.

There are top Scientists are speaking about this theory (Dark Field Microscopy).

  • Royal Rife
  • Gaston Naessen’s “somatids”
  • Gunther Enderlein’s “endobiots”
  • Antoine Beauchamp’s “microzymia”
  • Peyton Rous’s “stealth virus”
  • Thomas McPherson Brown on Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Virginia Livingston MD on leprosy and cancer
  • Dr. Alan Cantwell MD a Dermatologist at Kaiser Permanente in Hollywood

Dr. Cantwell has more than 30 articles in major medical journals. He reported pleomorphic bacteria in scleroderma, pseudoscleroderma, diabetic sclerodermitis, lupus and more.  He said:

“We believe the body is not attacking itself, but is desperately trying to rid itself of disease-producing microbes that are not recognized by the scientific community”

Arthritis can be reversed if you drink bone broth to replace what has been eaten away in the connective tissue.

Check out Dr. Daniel’s full video at the recent Ancestral Health Symposium

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